A Burglar Living In Your Neighborhood

burgalarThe average person assumes that burglars are some hardened criminal that just escaped from prison or at least they live on the other side of town. This is a false assumption. A home security study showed that most burglars like to stay in familiar territory. Therefore, they like to stay close to their own home. Burglars rarely venture more than a few blocks away from their home. Other deterrents that keep them in their own community include lack of transportation to other areas, lack of gas money, or a vehicle that requires repair.

Repeat Offenders

Here is something that is very alarming. A burglar likes to stay in a familiar neighborhood. Therefore, they are repeat offenders. They just might hit the same neighborhood or even house again. Why? Well, they calculate that they know the area and the layout of the house. Therefore, they draw an escape plan in their mind quickly, imagining that this targeted neighborhood is an easy score. Homes nearby the burglarized home looks very attractive to the bad guy. Anyone living in a neighborhood with recent burglaries should think about upgrading their home security immediately to deter burglaries. Add burglar alarms, extra lighting, and motion detectors.

Neighborhood Offenders

One question arises all the time. How do the neighborhood offenders find their targets. Some burglars admitted that they would walk around their neighborhood looking for a home that was easy to burglarize. They would look for signs that showed the property did not have home security or that there were places on the property that they could easily hide and watch the occupants. The fact is that the average professional burglar spends a lot of time planning their job. Some burglars admit taking two or three days just deciding on the best way to approach the targeted home. http://thehomesecurityadviser.com/best-home-security-system/

Other Things To Know

Professional burglars realize that some people install expensive home security burglar alarms and forget to turn them on, when they leave the house. Don’t let this happen to you. Always set the alarm while at home and upon leaving the house. People open their curtains in the living room for the world to see inside their home. Burglars look through those windows and spot that big screen television set, gaming console, computer, and expensive artwork on the walls. Your friendly neighborhood burglar might send you a thank you note, after targeting and burglarizing your home. Some burglars are good actors. They put on a suit and tie, carry a clipboard, and knock at your front door. They pretend to be taking neighborhood surveys, or pretend they are a local salesman, that would like to talk to you. They don’t look like the bad guy or gal, but they are. They are gathering information to target homes in your neighborhood. Be wary of strangers. That stranger might be a burglar living in your neighborhood.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Wireless Home Security Solutions

Keeping your family safe and secure are very important and what better way to do it, is to use the top cellular security system, especially with the modern wireless technology. Modern home security systems do far more than deter a burglar. Modern systems are designed with advanced technology to provide a reliable, secure environment. The wireless systems contain varied features that are simple enough to be installed by homeowners. However, if you want sensors and detectors, a professional home security company should be deployed.

Advantages of Wireless Home Alarm Systems

A wireless home alarm system is designed using wireless technology, for the most part. There are no holes to drill in the walls, nor is there a lot of wiring needed. When you install a wireless home security monitoring system you receive an encryption system that is impossible to decode. Also, homeowner’s get an anti-tamper proof system with a battery backup, that works when you are at home or remotely, thus keeping your family and property secure.

Remote Wireless Systems

Home alarm systems, when armed with a SIM card, can be used with any mobile device. You can connect it with a stand alone telephone, which will send alerts if there is a burglary attempt. Advanced technology allows people to arm their alarm system and to control it, when they are at work or traveling. If there is an emergency when you are away from home, you can adjust the security system to be armed or you can activate a voice alert system that let’s you know through SMS, a tablet, or a phone call about an attempted break-in or possible fire. With modern technology, today’s home alarm systems allows you to know exactly what type of emergency is occurring at your home.

If you are away from your home and you remember that you did not arm your security system, then modern technology allows you to use your phone line to check the status of your system. Distance is not a concern in arming your home security monitoring system, because once you connect your system to your smart phone, Android, or tablet, you can connect with your system, no matter where you are.

Basic Home Security System Features

What do you get with a basic home security system:

  • Alarm Siren
  • Keypad (Touchpad & Touchscreen)
  • Control Panel
  • Keychain Remote
  • Panic/Medical Alert Pendant
  • Yard Signs
  • Window Decals

Home Security Sensors

Every security system also comes with basic and extra sensors, such as:

  • Window Sensor
  • Door Sensor
  • Recessed Door Sensor
  • Recessed Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Glass Break Siren
  • Shock/Vibration Sensor
  • Garage Door Entry Sensor

Added Beneficial Sensors

Frontpoint home alarm systems feature additional detection sensors that is important for every member of your family. These include:

  • CO2 Sensor
  • Heat Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Pipe Freeze Sensors
  • Flood Sensor

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras can be added easily due to their new technology and installation methods. The security cameras that increase your safety, includes:

  • Image Sensor
  • Indoor Wireless Camera
  • Outdoor Wireless Camera

Energy Saving Home Security Features

Lastly, home automation and their applications, are great security systems that introduce energy saving features. 6webs experts state, you add these simple device features, can also be armed to remotely manage your home and all the other security systems that are integrated into your home:

  • Mobile SIM Applications
  •  Light Module Features
  • Remote and Automatic Door Locks
  • Remote Thermostat System

Whether you need to make sure the kids are home safely, that grandma is okay, or to make sure that intruders can’t get in without bells and whistles, modern home security systems are the affordable, easy, and secure way to keep everyone health and safe.

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Home Security


A home is a place where one lives either permanently or temporarily. It is a place where one goes to relax after a long day and it should have privacy. Security is one of the most important factors to consider in your homestead so as to protect your loved ones from any danger.

Home Security Systems

Home security systemHomes should be places where we go to relax and spend time with our families and we should be happy and comfortable living there. Home safety is very important as accidents do happen and they occur in our own houses unexpectedly, so for this reason we should ensure that we have the right methods or tools to deal with such situations. We need to make sure that all our belongings are safe as we have worked very hard to attain them. Home security systems ensure that everything is safe even if we are not at home. Children are very playful and they love to explore. We need to baby proof our houses and avoid minor accidents like children playing with electricity sockets or wires but in case of major accidents, our security systems will alert us and action will be taken immediately. They do save our lives.

Home Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are very important in our homes as they go off in case of an emergency and they allow the authorities or even neighbours to help out. In case of a robbery or an attempted one, the alarm is set in a way that when the doors or windows are broken, it goes off or if you notice that you have intruders and all is not well, you just press it and it will produce a loud noise which may scare off the burglar. We also have fire alarms which go off in case of a fire. Fire safety is very essential as we have to know what to do in case a fire starts or how to prevent it. We should ensure that the gas or stove are kept out of reach of children and are always off when they are not in use. Things like candles should always be kept in a safe visible place when in use as to avoid falling and spreading fire.

Home Security Camera

Many of us prefer putting cameras in our homes to watch over the people that we left at home and most of all just to provide security and for our peace of mind. Children tend to touch everything and this might be dangerous as they could end up getting hurt. The cameras help keep track of where they are and you get to watch what they are doing and in case of a problem, you can reach them easily to avoid damage. Most of us live with our elderly parents or grandparents and we have to ensure senior safety by keeping track of their movements at all times. An adult may be in the house alone and encounter a problem like fainting or falling. They may also encounter an attack in the house or fire may start and they may be trapped inside. A camera may come in handy in such situations.

Home Security Monitoring

Children need to be monitored at all times just to ensure they are safe. They may reach for the medicine cabinet and drink or reach for insecticides which were not stored properly leading to major injuries or death. A monitor will alert you and call for help. Our homes also need to be closely monitored from both the inside and outside just to ensure safety. In case of any unusual detect, be sure that your security monitor will go off and alert you. Our adults also need monitoring especially if you have a house help. You can be able to see if something bad happens to them


No matter what our homes look like, security is a must for all of us and we need to choose the right home security system that we feel is suitable for us.