Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Wireless Home Security Solutions

Keeping your family safe and secure are very important and what better way to do it, is to use the top cellular security system, especially with the modern wireless technology. Modern home security systems do far more than deter a burglar. Modern systems are designed with advanced technology to provide a reliable, secure environment. The wireless systems contain varied features that are simple enough to be installed by homeowners. However, if you want sensors and detectors, a professional home security company should be deployed.

Advantages of Wireless Home Alarm Systems

A wireless home alarm system is designed using wireless technology, for the most part. There are no holes to drill in the walls, nor is there a lot of wiring needed. When you install a wireless home security monitoring system you receive an encryption system that is impossible to decode. Also, homeowner’s get an anti-tamper proof system with a battery backup, that works when you are at home or remotely, thus keeping your family and property secure.

Remote Wireless Systems

Home alarm systems, when armed with a SIM card, can be used with any mobile device. You can connect it with a stand alone telephone, which will send alerts if there is a burglary attempt. Advanced technology allows people to arm their alarm system and to control it, when they are at work or traveling. If there is an emergency when you are away from home, you can adjust the security system to be armed or you can activate a voice alert system that let’s you know through SMS, a tablet, or a phone call about an attempted break-in or possible fire. With modern technology, today’s home alarm systems allows you to know exactly what type of emergency is occurring at your home.

If you are away from your home and you remember that you did not arm your security system, then modern technology allows you to use your phone line to check the status of your system. Distance is not a concern in arming your home security monitoring system, because once you connect your system to your smart phone, Android, or tablet, you can connect with your system, no matter where you are.

Basic Home Security System Features

What do you get with a basic home security system:

  • Alarm Siren
  • Keypad (Touchpad & Touchscreen)
  • Control Panel
  • Keychain Remote
  • Panic/Medical Alert Pendant
  • Yard Signs
  • Window Decals

Home Security Sensors

Every security system also comes with basic and extra sensors, such as:

  • Window Sensor
  • Door Sensor
  • Recessed Door Sensor
  • Recessed Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Glass Break Siren
  • Shock/Vibration Sensor
  • Garage Door Entry Sensor

Added Beneficial Sensors

Frontpoint home alarm systems feature additional detection sensors that is important for every member of your family. These include:

  • CO2 Sensor
  • Heat Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Pipe Freeze Sensors
  • Flood Sensor

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras can be added easily due to their new technology and installation methods. The security cameras that increase your safety, includes:

  • Image Sensor
  • Indoor Wireless Camera
  • Outdoor Wireless Camera

Energy Saving Home Security Features

Lastly, home automation and their applications, are great security systems that introduce energy saving features. 6webs experts state, you add these simple device features, can also be armed to remotely manage your home and all the other security systems that are integrated into your home:

  • Mobile SIM Applications
  •  Light Module Features
  • Remote and Automatic Door Locks
  • Remote Thermostat System

Whether you need to make sure the kids are home safely, that grandma is okay, or to make sure that intruders can’t get in without bells and whistles, modern home security systems are the affordable, easy, and secure way to keep everyone health and safe.

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