A Burglar Living In Your Neighborhood

burgalarThe average person assumes that burglars are some hardened criminal that just escaped from prison or at least they live on the other side of town. This is a false assumption. A home security study showed that most burglars like to stay in familiar territory. Therefore, they like to stay close to their own home. Burglars rarely venture more than a few blocks away from their home. Other deterrents that keep them in their own community include lack of transportation to other areas, lack of gas money, or a vehicle that requires repair.

Repeat Offenders

Here is something that is very alarming. A burglar likes to stay in a familiar neighborhood. Therefore, they are repeat offenders. They just might hit the same neighborhood or even house again. Why? Well, they calculate that they know the area and the layout of the house. Therefore, they draw an escape plan in their mind quickly, imagining that this targeted neighborhood is an easy score. Homes nearby the burglarized home looks very attractive to the bad guy. Anyone living in a neighborhood with recent burglaries should think about upgrading their home security immediately to deter burglaries. Add burglar alarms, extra lighting, and motion detectors.

Neighborhood Offenders

One question arises all the time. How do the neighborhood offenders find their targets. Some burglars admitted that they would walk around their neighborhood looking for a home that was easy to burglarize. They would look for signs that showed the property did not have home security or that there were places on the property that they could easily hide and watch the occupants. The fact is that the average professional burglar spends a lot of time planning their job. Some burglars admit taking two or three days just deciding on the best way to approach the targeted home. http://thehomesecurityadviser.com/best-home-security-system/

Other Things To Know

Professional burglars realize that some people install expensive home security burglar alarms and forget to turn them on, when they leave the house. Don’t let this happen to you. Always set the alarm while at home and upon leaving the house. People open their curtains in the living room for the world to see inside their home. Burglars look through those windows and spot that big screen television set, gaming console, computer, and expensive artwork on the walls. Your friendly neighborhood burglar might send you a thank you note, after targeting and burglarizing your home. Some burglars are good actors. They put on a suit and tie, carry a clipboard, and knock at your front door. They pretend to be taking neighborhood surveys, or pretend they are a local salesman, that would like to talk to you. They don’t look like the bad guy or gal, but they are. They are gathering information to target homes in your neighborhood. Be wary of strangers. That stranger might be a burglar living in your neighborhood.